Milani lipsticks, Why You Need Them In Your Makeup Bag!

As women we usually always have a Holy Grail make up item that we just can’t live without.  Unfortunately, I can’t just put a finger on just one item, I guess I’m a little too high maintenance for that. Fortunately though my holy grail lipstick is actually from the drugstore! I guess we could say my husband got lucky on that end! I first discovered Milani lipsticks a few years back when I was walking through my local drugstore. The lipstick stood out immediately to me because it was on sale, come on girls who doesn’t love a good sale! I love how these lipsticks have the realistic color on the bottom of the tube, it makes picking the colors so much easier!

I took a good long 30 minute look at the lipsticks and decided to buy two. Am I the only one that will somehow send a half hour in the make up aisle without even realizing it? Anyways, I got to my car and I immediately tried them on I have never been good at being patient and waiting until I arrive home!  These lipsticks were rich, smooth, and pigmented!  The formula felt high end but the price felt even better! From the moment on I knew that we were a match made in heaven! Since then Milani has come out with a collection of matte lipsticks as well.  To be completely honest I can not say that I am impressed with these.  They are overly drying on my lips and often apply patchy and uneven.

This is the only flaw I have yet found with these little jewels.  I am absolutely crazy about these long lasting creamy lipsticks and hope you will be as well!  They have a variety of colors that work well for different seasons as well as different skin tones!  I hope you all have a lovely week, and if Monday gets you down go and pick one of these beauties and your day will surely turn around! Until next time!


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