My Top 7 Drugstore Makeup Items!

Let’s be honest, makeup can get expensive really quick when you are in Sephora or Ulta.  How do you get the look of high end make up on an affordable realistic budget?  You head on down to Target.  I have acquired slowly a bit of high end make up over the years and I am always surprised when I find my self using my drug store favs.  I have to be honest I am usually reaching for these more often than not.  Just so you know my skin type is dry and sensitive so some of these things might react differently your skin type.  Okay let’s get to it!


This foundation is my FAVORITE.  I have tried highend foundations and nothing compares.  It is a medium coverage and feels so light on the skin!  This also doesn’t break out my sensitive skin; I love it!


This concealer has been on the market for awhile now and hasn’t lost any popularity at the drug store and its easy to see why.  It covers dark under eyes and quickly conceals blemishes.  This concealer offers pretty decent coverage and seems to last for about 6-8 hours.



I don’t hear many people talk about this blush and maybe because it is difficult to find, I have only found it at Ulta.  Let me just say though that this blush is EXTREMELY pigmented and last all day long!  Essence offers a small range of colors but they are powerful and worth it especially if you are on a budget!  These bad boys ring up at less than $5 a piece!


LOVE this powder!  I use it in the shade transparent.  It does have quite a bit of all out so careful if you are wearing black when applying this but other than that this powder has zero down falls!  It keeps me matte all day and keeps my make up in place perfectly!


This mascara is my ride or die, I cannot live without this in my bag!  It is inexpensive and performs like a high end mascara!  I absolutely love the formula and like that I can build up my lashes to my preferred thickness.  It is important that you understand there is a difference between “Great Lash” and “Great Lash Lots Of Lashes”, don’t ever say I didn’t warn you!



I have been using this brow pencil for a few years now.  It is my favorite drug store brow product but I must say this product can feel waxy and tug at your brow when applying sometimes.  This product offers great pigment and really last all day long.  This pencil last me a couple months and comes in a pack of two for under $5!  It is a great buy!


This liner has its ups and downs.  This liner in not consistent in its formula.  So you are probably wondering why did I choose to put this on my list.  It’s simply because when this liner is a great formula it performs as well as a high end liner if not better.  It stays on all day, and is extremely opaque.  I have bought a couple of duds over the past few years but this liner is very inexpensive and you can always return it for a new one.

I am wearing all the products listed above in this photo! Love them all so much and excited to see if any of you give them a try!

Okay y’all I shared with you my top 7 products I can’t live without.  Now I want to hear yours!  Have y’all ever tried any of these?  If so did you like or dislike them?  Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


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