A Beginner Gym Routine Workout

Ladies, often times when we walk into the gym we feel so overwhelmed by all the things that it has to offer. We have no idea where to start.  Do we go over to the machines? Do we walk on the treadmill? Do we try to do something with those weights that are on the wall?  I’ve been going to Golds Gym off and on for two years, and when I say off and on I really mean more off then on!  It’s really starting to show, my clothes are tighter and I just don’t feel great about how I look!  It’s so hard to get motivated to get up and go to the gym when you have no idea how to accomplish your goals.  I just wanted to work mainly on tightening my backside aka my Glutes and hamstrings, tightening my core, and work on toning up my arms!  Now bare with me as I try to take you through what a begginers workout can look like!  I may not get all the words right but hey we are learning together right?

Thank you to my dear friend Elijah Bailey who holds a kinesiology degree from UCO and is a personal trainer at Golds Gym! Elijah not only made it fun but he made it very educational and explained why we do each workout!

So Elijah stated that he believes military workout are the best for warming up because it promotes functional fitness that you can use in your everyday life with components of mobility, flexibility, endurance, strength, and they are easy efficient workouts you can do with your friends and no matter the age!  So let’s jump in!

Warm Up!

Wall squats 3X5

For beginners legs shoulder width apart, and squat toward the wall as far down as you can go.  Keep your toes and knees touching the wall.  Elijah suggest trying to keeping your chest and or nose againist the wall as well.

Air Squats 3X15

These are the squats we are all familiar with.  Squat down as far as you can go and use your legs and lift back up.

Goblet Squats 3X10

If you have a bad shoulder modify this exercise by letting the weight hang down and letting it rest on the ground when fully squatted.

Or If you have a normal shoulders squat with the weight held up like a goblet!

Push ups

I am the worlds worst at push ups.  Elijah suggested trying to do 2 every day 1 in the morning and 1 at night, and then 4 ,then 6, then 8, and so on.  Also you should try to bring your body down until you are a fist away from the ground and then raise back up.

Into the workout!

Hip Abductions
You can often finds these machines at your local gym.  Elijah said “I suggested 3X10 because it may only help you get acclimated to the workout with consistent sets and reps, it’s an easier recommendation for reps to focus on breathing but it also is the average set and Rep goal of the ACSM (American Sports College of Medicine) which even at this level offer great benefits of strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and increased respiratory function.”

I loved working on the machines!  There are instructions right in front of you, and also it shows what muscle groups you are using.  When using the machines make sure to go slow and feel your muscles tightening and contracting!

I was constantly laughing and having a great time during this work out!  If you are looking for someone who will push you to work hard while also making you smile look no further!  Check Elijah Bailey out at Golds Gym!


Bicep curls 3X10

Start with arms straight down palms touching outside of legs than as you curl up keep elbows in tight and rotate arm up so knuckles are facing away from you .

Or Modified bicep curl consist of sitting down and doing the same type of curl.

Tricep kicbacks 3X10

Standing bend knees and take dumbbell and have are at 90 degrees with fist pointing down move dumbbell straight back while keeping arms in close to body.

Or Modified Tricep Kickbacks

Lean one knee on bench and move one arm at a time back and then back forward to resting position.  Remember do opposites arm to knee that is resting on the bench.

Chest press 3X10

Bring arms up but keep slightly bent and then down to 90 degrees.

Chest flyers 3X10

Again bring arms up and then bring arms all the way extended to about level of your ears then back up!

Leg Extensions 3X10

Find the weight that is right for you and make sure that bar over your shin is adjusted to fit your needs then raise and slowly lower.  This works the top of your thigh!

Prone Leg Curl 3X10

Right I already know what your thinking, there is no way you are about to get on a machine like this at the gym.  Let me just say I understand but believe me it will be worth it if you do!  This machine works those pesky little dimples on the back of your legs!

Glute 3X10

Meet my new best friend!  This machine is pure gold!  Not only does it  up your butt but works the front and back of your thighs!  Just rest your elbows and stomach on the pad and kick the bar back and up with each leg one at a time!

We finished up with some crunches and a lower back exercise!

I can’t wait to do this work out again!  Elijah said to make sure to change your workout every 3-4 weeks so if y’all enjoy this post I will make sure to post a follow up workout!

A special thanks to Elijah Bailey for letting me workout with him and being so patient with me! If any of you would like to have a session with him let me know and I will get you in contact with him, or you can reach him at Golds Gym in Edmond off of Bryant and Danforth. 

Also big special thanks to my girl Serena Santoriello for taking time out of her day off to take all the pictures!

Let me know if you y’all enjoyed this post and if so I will try to do more like this!  Thanks for stopping by!

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