Lush “Sleepy”


Please tell me you have all heard of “LUSH”!      I have seriously been obsessed with them for years now.  I have tried about everything they have to offer from bath bombs, bath melts, bubble bars, lip scrubs, body wash, hair conditioners, leave in conditioners, and lotions.  After all this time I think I have finally found the one product I can no longer live without…….Drum roll please, “SLEEPY!”


This beautiful black tub embodies lavender in every way possible, from the long lasting scent that you smell as soon as you open it, to the beautiful light purple color of this rich, creamy, dream.  (Side note: I am not usually a huge fan of lavender but this scent is the perfect balance for me.)


I tend to grab this cream at night right before I head to bed and apply it generously to my arms, hands, and sometimes to my neck and upper chest area.  This lotion has such a calming affect on me.  I just can not seem to get enough!  Is anyone else addicted yet?

Sig H1

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