Apptiv App!

I am currently in love with the app called Apptiv.  Apptiv is an app that you can listen to at home or at the gym.  You just plug in your head phones  and they have tons of workouts that you can choose from!  You can pick an outdoor walk, treadmill workout, elliptical, core training, stretching, yoga, and many more.  I was extremely skeptical about the whole thing but gave it a try and now I’m hooked!

To back track a little bit I have been pretty unmotivated lately about going to the gym, I mean who isn’t?  So the other night Zak,(my husband), and I were joking around and somehow my foot hit the scale and he said “wait what did that just say!”……Yikes, needless to say, I got motivated real quick.

That night I laid in bed and just tried to think of something I could do that would be more exciting that just going to the gym and doing the same routine as always.  Obviously, that wasn’t really working too well for me.  So I started watching YouTube videos on weight loss and different diets when all the sudden the Apptiv commercial came on.  At first, I was just waiting for the continue to video button but then I started watching and thinking about the idea of giving it a go.  So I downloaded it and took a quick look at it.  I decided that I would give it a try the next morning at the gym.  The next morning I pulled out my phone put the ear buds in my ears and got ready to hate my life for the next 45 minutes.  I stepped on the elliptical and picked out a intermediate workout on Apptiv called “Tabata Takeover.”  It had upbeat pop music with an upbeat voice in my ear telling me exactly what I was to be doing.  The trainer told me what incline and resistance to put my elliptical at and how fast I should be going.

It was mindless…I loved it!


All I had to do was listen and do what I was told to maximize my workout.  It was amazing!  The next day I went back and did a beginner class combined with an intermediate class as well!  I felt amazing!

But, there are a couple of things I don’t love about the app.  I don’t love that they use explicit words in their music.  I mean it’s hard to want to recommend things when you are scared that a song may drop an f-bomb.  I just don’t understand the need, but to each their own.  Also, with that being said you cannot pick your music.  You are constantly listening to a trainer keeping you motivated and they pick the music. I will say though they do keep you motivated to keep moving!  The app is free for your first 7 days but then cost $10 dollars a month.  In my opinion it is well worth it!  It’s been fantastic for me!  It’s helped me get up and want to go and do better everyday!  I recommend it to all!  I fully support it and I have already seen a drastic change in how I feel! Let me know it if you give it a try!  As always thanks for stopping by!